Do it.

I guess over the years, my priorities have changed and it is constantly changing. The most important thing that I need to remind myself is to never use my past as an excuse not to move forward.

Beating myself up for something that has happened will not make me a better person. Feeling envious of somebody else’s achievements will not make me attain my goals.

SO. I made a commitment to prepare a simple list of short term goals, goals I would like to achieve in the next few months and I will check it off my list.

Don’t just think it, just DO IT.

  • Religious studies: to learn more about the history of Islam before actually performing my pilgrimage (inshallah) which I intend to do in the next year or so. I signed up for a class in Darul Arqam. Hahahaha me? Islam? Ok.
  • Volunteering: I wasn’t a big fan of this, but I made a commitment that I’d start giving back in ways I wasn’t able to before. Then I signed up for an english reading program. My tutee, she said that I’m her favourite teacher. Doing this drove me into signing up for…
  • Learning: I signed up to do a diploma program to Teach English as a Second Language (TESOL). Class starts end of April. With this, hopefully, I can teach english. To think that I failed english when I sat for my GCSE O levels (but passed it when i retook it). I plan to do something unconventional next year, but I’ll talk about that later in the year.
  • Fitness: I have lost more or less about 12 kg since I started in September and I am going to lose another 10kg in the next 6 months. Kickboxing. I want to learn this! Or any form of self defense, you know. I absolutely love my friends for motivating me when I posted a recent photo of myself! I have been going to the hospital and clinics for various scans and tests and all in the past one year and I don’t want to do that anymore. Ever!

I guess these are small, but not so difficult goals to attain. Commitment, drive and motivation are essential so, hopefully, I don’t lose them along the way! Also, always surround yourself with people who are positive, people who would go out of their way to check in on you and to push you into becoming the best version of yourself. As much as you feel like you can do this all by yourself, you’ll end up falling behind because you cannot do this alone.